The publisher monetization ecosystem is now highly technical and complex.

Growing number of intermediaries in advertising reduces the value of impressions for publishers.

Combining and analyzing real-time data from multiple platforms is a tricky process.

Without a comprehensive and dedicated solution to address, decision-making becomes challenging.

Finally. A solution
designed for you.

Boost your revenue

Take your digital monetization efforts to the next level with our powerful and intuitive real-time auction monetization solution, which offers complete control over pricing and performance optimization.

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Real-time monetization performance

Leverage real-time data to maximize your earnings. Identify your top-performing content and improve underperforming ones.

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Preserve your core web vital score

​​Monitor your Core Web Vitals in real-time with Actirise Analytics and minimize their impact when integrating our advertising solution.

Maximize impression value with AI

We use AI to optimize ad pressure, formats, price floors, and CTR, ensuring high-growth revenue and improving overall ad performance.

Advanced formats, fewer intermediaries

By reducing intermediaries, we redistribute you more revenue. We also increase your revenue with our in-house developed ad formats.

CMP for publishers

Benefit from FastCMP, a Consent Management Platform specifically designed for publishers, at no cost.

Tailored for publishers
Designed for performance

Effortlessly install our products with one TAG and you'll be all set to unleash the power of Actirise.


Combine revenue maximization with blazing fast bidding technology.

Top-tier ad mediation technology (100+ DSPs, SSPs & Direct Demand)

AI Optimization (Ad pressure regulation, Price floor optimization, Ad errors and  timeout  reduction)

Premium advertising demand (video, native, parallax, wallpaper) and in-house formats

Cookieless inventory monetization


Don’t let your audience go away

Keep your visitors engaged longer, increase your page views by up to 15%, and simultaneously enhance your SEO and social media rankings

Boost your ad revenues without compromising on user retention. Remain actively engaged with your users while maintaining high profitability

Let our AI work for you. By smartly recommending content based on both click rates and RPM, we ensure the maximization of your ad revenue

Don't let your users slip away. Re-engage those on the brink of departure and increase both your visitor count and overall site engagement


Get real-time RPM tracking at URL level.

Access to all of your data in real-time (audience, revenue, core web vitals, CMP, Brand Safety...)

Immediate fix for underperforming content, non-brand safe keywords, and high bounce rate pages

Monitor revenue by URL, author, category, UTM, location and much more

Uncover earnings from Google Discover, Facebook, Instagram, and aggregators

Used by publishers

No matter where your audience comes from, our technology will empower your site.

in numbers

1 Billion

Auctions carried out each day

100 Billion

Data point analyzed each day


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